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Congratulations on joining the “How to Stay Sober” movement where you will embark on a journey to freedom from the bondage of alcohol and drugs. My name is Dr. Emmanuel Nzuzu. I struggled with alcohol for many years until I discovered the model for staying sober that you will learn in this program.

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Are The Personal Problems of Your Employees Stunting their Productivity?

Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance, and the majority of people with a drinking problem are in the workplace. However, the prospect of tackling when and how much employees drink can be daunting. How To Stay Sober program was designed to empower organizations to effectively deal with a problem that has become too serious to ignore.

How Long are you Going to Continue Ignoring the Elephant in the Room?

Cost of drug abuse $740 billion annually.
Alcohol abuse = $249 billion. Binge drinking = $191 billion.
Lost productivity at work (77%),
Legal expenses (10%), medical expenses from binge drinking (11%),
Healthcare expenses from alcohol-related accidents (5%).
Cost of prescription opioid use at $78.5 billion
Illegal drug abuse: $193 billion.

Alcohol In The Workplace:

The Facts

Alcoholism causes 3 to 5 %t of absences from work with a huge economic cost to businesses. All this leads to:

loss of productivity, poor performance, lateness, absenteeism, safety concerns,

bad behavior and poor discipline with

adverse effects on company image and customer relations.

Resentment among employees who have to ‘carry’ colleagues whose work declines because of their drinking.

Drinking even small amounts of alcohol before or during work creates safety hazards which increases the risk of accidents and injuries.

Drugs In The Workplace:

The Facts

Drug abuse is a serious problem not only to the abuser, but to the business and co-workers, let alone family and friends. Possession of some drugs is illegal, exposing the abuser to the risk of criminal charges as well as causing harmful effects to their health. You could be breaking the law if you knowingly allow drug-related activities in your workplace and you fail to act. It is critical to know the implications, to both your employees and business, the implications of not tackling drug abuse; particularly where safety is concerned.

Dealing effectively and successfully with drug abuse can benefit both your business and your employees in the following specific ways:

Cost saving on recruiting and training new employees. 

Creating a more productive environment by offering support.

Improving employee morale and retention of key skills.

Lowering the risk of accidents caused by impaired judgement.

Increasing image and visibility as employer of choice.

Enhancing the public perception of your organization as a responsible employer.

Contributing to society’s efforts to combat drug abuse and addiction.

HTSS was developed from more than seventeen years of work and research with alcoholics and drug addicts in different recovery settings. It's Proven.


In This Workplace Program, We Tackle The Issues.

Why do people keep using when it is no longer fun and enjoyable? Why do people continue using alcohol and drugs while problems accumulate? Why do people continue using while getting into trouble at home, at work, etc? Why do people keep relapsing after going through treatment programs? And What can an alcoholic and drug addict do to stop and stay sober?

The research work resulted in the writing and publication of the book and workbook in December 2020.

How to Stay Sober: A Practical Guide to Overcoming Alcoholism and Drug Addiction-----By Dr. Emmanuel Nzuzu

A manual for facilitators was published recently---How to Stay Sober (HTSS) Program-Facilitators’ Manual
---By Dr. Emmanuel Nzuzu

How to Stay Sober: A Workbook to Help You Overcome Alcohol & Drug Addiction
---By Dr. Emmanuel Nzuzu

Change That Lasts

How & Why This Program Works

Five core principles were identified as pillars of the program:

Recovery is an inside job. The problem is within and so is the solution.

There is no sobriety without motivation.

Without a vision, people perish. Success depends on having a clear vision of life after alcohol and drugs.

Daily intention is critical to staying sober. Addiction worked so well because you had intention to use daily.

Match desire, belief and expectation. How strong is your desire to quit and stay sober? Do you believe you can stop and stay sober? How great is your expectation?


There Are No Other Recovery Programs That Utilize These Methods

Learn how to regain control by taking back your power from alcohol and drugs.

Learn how to be guided by vision of the future and not memories of the past.

Learn how to regain lost love, respect, and trust.

Helps you develop rigorous honesty while reducing self-deception, dishonesty and impatience.

Helps you develop a strong motivation and commitment for sobriety just as strong as the motivation to use alcohol and drugs.

Learn how to become a new person with a new life free from alcohol and drugs.

Why Invest Now

Simply Put, A Life Depends On It

HTSS is a rare opportunity to help your employees to experience healing and sobriety while impacting your bottom line positively. There are many workers out there who are desperate and suffering on their own and don’t know what to do about their addiction. They need your help. They are waiting for you to come up with a rescue plan. HTSS enables you to bring about meaningful transformation---no more band aid quick fixes that don’t work or relapse prevention schemes that seem to work like relapse promotion plans.

Enjoy change and growth together with your employees. Give your workers’  bragging rights on how much you impacted their lives by uplifting them from hopelessness, despair and failure.

Let your community know you for outstanding results and not just another company in town.

Join the How to Stay Sober Movement Today and:

Become well known for taking care of your most valuable asset. 

Enhance you image and visibility in the community. 

Enhance your employee satisfaction and retention services. 

Enhance your workers’ engagement and commitment to their jobs and to a life free from alcohol and drugs. 

Help your workers to develop a strong sense of self-worthy and professional wellbeing.


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