How To Stay Sober Program for Substance Abuse Treatment Service Providers

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To equip participants with the knowledge and skills for:
Improving your image and visibility in the community you serve and thereby enable you to become the most sought-after substance abuse treatment services provider in your area. You should become the go to person/facility for effective relapse preventio


6 reviews for How To Stay Sober Program for Substance Abuse Treatment Service Providers

  1. Student 1

    “I would like to take this opportunity to shed light in the growth and learning I have experienced while being counseled by Dr. Emmanuel. His teaching style is very succinct, and he utilizes techniques that help you draw on material or ideas taught. By doing this he helps the students dig deeper into their thoughts about how they take on maintaining their sobriety. Emmanuel has helped me on my journey of maintaining my sobriety. I had reached a point last week when I thought I could no longer maintain another sober day, when he gave me a mantra to help me through this rough time. He taught me to say with intention what I was wanting – that want was “I want to stay sober today!”. He told me to shout it from the rooftops and state my intention with passion. I could utilize this and help myself through the negative talk moving throughout my brain. It also made me aware of how I could help my classmates by showing them that if this could work for me, it could work for them. I am grateful for the teachings and learning that have been imparted by Emmanuel.”

  2. Student 2

    Dear Emmanuel,

    Thank you for your thought provoking groups. I personally benefitted most from the use of deliberate vocabulary selection. Your garden metaphor resonates deeply with me. I’ve already utilized the deep breathing exercise, but did not know why it worked on a fundamental level. Now I am aware of my racing mind and have used these tools to reframe my thoughts and choices. ”

  3. Student 3

    “Dear Emmanuel, I want you to know how very much you touched me during my stay. You went out of your way way to help and some of the time I spent with you was life-changing. I am sure you know your name means ‘God is with us”, I believe that God spoke to me through you – I do not say this lightly, sir. Sometimes the smallest act of kindness is worth more than all the grandest intention. Sharing your time & your story – that was invaluable. Thank you! I shall forever be in your debt in my recovery and I will endeavor to pay it forward somewhere down the road”

  4. Student 4

    “I would like to give a compliment to Dr. Emmanuel, the therapist. He leads the pack in a mental health group for me. His group on ‘internal vs. external’ and ‘feelings vs. things’ was pivotal for me. He is a brilliant and caring man and I will remember what he taught me all throughout my life”

  5. Student 5

    “My experience with Emmanuel as a therapist has been very positive and uplifting. It is a learning experience that I really needed at a hard time in my life. I am a veteran who suffers from PTSD, MST, and alcoholism. I was sent here by the psychologist at Veterans Affairs to receive help for my alcoholism but I got so much more from Emmanuel. He made me question some of the negative thoughts I’ve had that often led me to drinking. Some of those questions meant I had to look hard at myself in the mirror. I learned of get rid of old negative thoughts and recondition my mind to focus more on my positive wants, needs, and commitments. I learned how to self-talk myself out of drinking and not entertain negative thoughts. I am very excited today to go home and practice positive self talk to get over my anxiety and the hopeless feelings I have dealt with for so many years. All around, I would definitely recommend other patients to him.”

  6. Laura

    Loved this book!! Very helpful with fighting addiction. Another way I’ve never learned before. Must buy!!!

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